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    I Have to say....I've used a few different software programs in my time - mostly involved with structural engineering / whole house design type of stuff - and I've never had this good of an experience with a help desk.
    I found this experience to be professional and effective in a very very effective time frame.
    Thank you so much. I love your product and your support.
    Steve Flett - Langley, BC, Canada
    I am loving this program (Pro Contractor Studio) more and more with each new trick that I learn.
    James Merritt - St. Augustine, Florida

    Thanks for your great support.
    Kurt Kauffman - Colleyville, Texas

    You guys/gals are great! I'm loving the (Pro Contractor Studio) software.
    Jesse Felter - North Ogden, Utah

    You folks are the BEST!! I love the Pro Contractor Studio along with superb customer care. God Bless.
    Shane Storch - Lancaster, Texas

    I use Pro Contractor Studio daily for my clients and showing crews what to do. I started my career on AutoCAD LT about 15 years ago. I self taught Pro Contractor by watching a few videos and totally switched the next day! With the swift help it only confirms this is the right program to ever use! I can't tell you how important this simple file is to my business and the timely manner I can now get the new landscape plan to the builder. Pro Contractor Studio is my design software for life!
    Jim Evans - Lubbock, Texas

    This product (Pro Contractor Studio) is great.
    William Crabb - Townsville, Australia

    Loved the program (Pro Contractor Studio) since day one.
    Brandon Dyche - Richmond, Texas

    The Pro Contractor Studio software is fabulous! Compared to other design programs I have used, this program is unbelievable.
    Gary Pestel - Ham Lake, Minnesota

    I love this program (Pro Contractor Studio)! It makes my job so much easier!
    Lori Palmquist - Oakland, California

    This software makes my life 3,000 times easier. This is the most ingenious program ever created.
    Richard Snediker - Cranbury, New Jersey

    Thanks again for your help and a great business tool that has really taken our business this past year to a new level!!! We use it on every job now, big or small and it 100% has made us more successful in a bad economy. Our numbers this year alone are up almost 30% and we are not a small company. So for having 20 employees, that is saying something. I can't believe more people are not using it.
    Adam Haggard - Smyrna, Tennessee

    Thanks again for such a great program, I have now worked my way through my first full design with it, and I find it to be even better than I had hoped in all ways.
    Reuben Butterfield - Victoria Canada

    I am very impressed with this software. Not only is it affordable, but it is a very comprehensive, powerful and user-friendly program. I have been using Pro Contractor Studio™ for approximately 2 years, and have produced detailed and beautiful landscape and irrigation designs. My customers have been very impressed and this has translated into more sales, it is also a great tool that allows me to communicate effectively with my installation crews. The ease of use and functionality of this program is second to none; my design time has been significantly reduced, in addition to preparing material takeoffs and proposals, you can fully customize this program to your specific needs. Excellent customer service, outstanding software and team, you guys have struck gold with this software. This is by far, one of the best landscape design software programs on the market.
    Kurl Knight - Landscape Designer - Cayman Islands

    Pro Contractor Studio is as user friendly as a CAD program can get. It can create a great looking landscape design without a lot of effort.
    Jenson Gainer - Colleyville, Texas

    I really love your Pro Contractor Studio program. I can knock out a great looking landscape design in no time at all.
    James Scott - Carrollton, Texas

    I love Pro Contractor Studio. This is my favorite software program. I use it all the time. I have never had a drawing turned down by a local city. They all love the way my drawings look.
    Becky Pearce - Spring, Texas

    Your software is a gift from the gods.
    J. P. Shepard - Austin, Texas

    I sure thank you for all your services and I will recommend your software. I used other programs and they are little hard to use, this its for sure the best. I have always been so pleased with your product and it makes us look good everywhere we present.
    David Arvisu - Denton, Texas

    I truely love Pro Contractor Studio. This is a great program. Thank you for all of your hard work and support on this program.
    David Armstrong - Dallas, Texas

    I started using Pro Contractor Studio software in early 2009. I have no previous CAD experience so I attended a couple of training classes to get the fundamentals. We currently have 3 licensed irrigators using Pro Contractor Studio every day. The software has made complying with the new TCEQ rules easy. All of the water districts & cities we work with like the appearance, accuracy and detail that our plans now include. Customers are impressed with the drawings & details, our crews have a easier time installing systems and as-builts are easier to prepare and look more professional. I have to admit that I was skeptical of learning CAD software while running a business, but have been impressed with the training classes, on-going support, updates to software and most importantly the ease at which the irrigation and landscape software is to operate.
    Dean Morin - Leander, Texas

    The Pro Contractor Studio program is second to none. It is an elite design program. The designs are very professional and it makes the installation of sprinkler systems much easier. You can customize the program to your specific needs. The sprinkler design is easy to learn and is very user friendly. The landscape design portion is awesome. And with more and more cities adopting the new TCEQ rules in Texas, this program is a "must have".
    Damian Longo - Waco, Texas

    I love the Pro Contractor Studio software. My clients are very impressed with the drawings and it saves me so much time now. I'm amazed at the ease of use once I got familiar with the commands. Keep up the good work.
    Charles Weldon - Granbury, Texas

    Pro Contractor Studio is working awesome! I cannot believe it is so easy!!!!
    Patrick Lewis - McAlester, Oklahoma

    I love Pro Contractor Studio. This is the most user friendly CAD program I have used.
    Chris Petty - Roanoke, Texas

    The more I work with Pro Contractor Studio, the more impressed I am with the software.
    Cole Brown - Keller, Texas

    I love the Pro Contractor Studio program. It is the easiest design program I have ever used.
    Lloyd Pinkerton - Godley, Texas

    I just called to tell you how great the Pro Contractor Studio program is. I sat in a Starbuck’s and designed a ten zone irrigation system while handling business on the phone. It took me just over an hour to complete the design. You have hit a home run with this program. I have never been able to create a design with pipe sizing, hydraulic calculations, a symbol legend and a detail page in such a short period of time. The only way it can get easier than this is if someone else does it for you.
    Tony Rizo - Fort Worth, Texas

    Thanks alot for all the help! As usual your service is excellent!
    Wynand Botha - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    I designed an irrigation plan with Pro Contractor Studio the first day I opened it. The design went through plan review in Dallas and was approved. I love the software! I am comfortable presenting a design to the city for approval based on the new rules for irrigation in Texas and the stringent reviews in the Dallas area. The inspectors do not have to do hydraulic calculations, question the legend, nor hunt for zones that are clearly marked and colored. Good designs and good looking designs are bound to speed up the review process. This should put dollars in a contractor's pocket.
    Bob Pickering - Dallas, Texas

    I just completed my first design and presented it to the customer. I was the highest bidder and I won the job!
    Myles Miller - Portland, Texas

    This program is phenomenal. I am so glad that I learned it and put it to use.
    Ron Hemmer - Jordan, Minnesota

    This software is absolutly the best thing that has happened to irrigation since water. The software designers have done a terrific job and the support team is equally impressive. Thank You!
    Jeff Good - Belen, New Mexico

    For me, RainCAD is the best program for landscape irrigation design.
    Anderson Pereira - Lauro de Freitas, Brazil

    Thank you for the great customer support.
    Gary Huff - Saginaw, Texas

    Thank you very much. I am always pleased with the quick help.
    Richard Morgan - Houston, Texas

    This fixed the problem...for a testimonial...Total of 5 minutes to respond to my inquiry, offer a suggestion, and have it be the correct set of commands to fix the problem...outstanding.
    Chris Thompson - Olathe, Kansas

    Without knowing AutoCAD® I can now maneuver around in RainCAD™ and create drawings in CAD as fast as I can draw them the old fashioned way with a pencil and ruler. Not only do the drawings look far superior to what I have been able to produce by hand, I can justify the drawing hydraulically and print off the report to back up my design - a great sales tool. With the Irricalc optional program, I can now provide month by month irrigation schedules for my clients so they to can become a steward of the environment and stop wasting water. I do not know why I have waited 10 years to be converted - I will never look back.
    Lorne Haveruk, CID, CIC, CLIA, WCP, ASIC - Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Thank you. I really appreciate the high level of support, on Saturday night no less. I'll tell my friends!
    Joseph Shay - Sanford, Florida

    I would like to thank you for an outstanding product you have designed. I purchased your RainCAD™ 9.0 this year and really do appreciate all your hard work in making this program.
    Daren Favaro - Victor, Montana

    Thanks again for all the help, your customer service has been second to none.
    Nate Atkins - Lincoln, Nebraska

    Thanks for all your help. I greatly appreciate how speedy your responses were and how easy you made it to fix this problem.
    John Brosh - Ralston, Nebraska

    Thank you for all your help. Very good service.
    Jean-Pierre de Villiers - Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

    Wow, that (technical support response) was fast, 3 minutes. Ya’ll are great.
    Kevin Taylor - Texarkana, Texas

    After two years of research into available irrigation design software, I downloaded the RainCAD™ SX 3.0 AutoCAD® Edition demonstration program some 2 days ago and am in the process of evaluating it for use in our practise. Already, after this short period, I am lost for words to tell you what I think. Suffice it to say that your product seems to exceed by orders of magnitude the most exacting needs of any professional irrigation consultant.
    Steve Reynolds - Pretoria, South Africa

    By the way, I am the lead landscape designer for W.F. McCain and Associates and I really like RainCAD™. It has really made my life easer. Please keep me informed as to upgrades and new releases.
    Ray Jankoski - Vero Beach, Florida

    Please let me know when the new RainCAD™ 4.0 AutoCAD® Edition is done as we will need to upgrade two computers here. You guys are always great!
    Colleen Kopp - Venice, Florida

    Photoscapes owner … love it … makes me lots of money.
    Chad Lee - Horseshoe Bay, Texas

    By the way who has been helping me? I want to think you for your time and patience. Your customer service gets a big A+.
    Keith Bonchek - Reseda, California

    I would like very much to thank the person responsible for the quick response to my situation. I can not believe how fast my problem was solved. I am so impressed by this that I think I just might go ahead and upgrade to your RainCAD IX 9.0. You people are awesome!!!!
    Daren Favaro - Victor, Montana

    I was intimidated at first, but now I am loving it. I am very pleased with your programs and the technical support has been extremely good. Keep up the good work!
    Doug Gardner - Sicklerville, New Jersey

    I mostly use RainCAD™ for landscape designs. I routinely sell my jobs for 20 to 25 percent more than what people have budgeted for the project.
    Todd Graham - Magnolia, Texas

    Than you very much for your extremely fast reply to my request for support!
    Luiz Goes Vieira - Recife, Brazil

    RainCAD and DesignCAD performed flawlessly. I followed the tutorial exactly and the finished product looks like I been doing it for years. I am a big fan and would recommend it to anyone without reservation.
    Wayne McClish - Carrollton, Texas

    I have been using RainCAD™ 5.0 since 1997. The software has been great. I am running the program on Windows XP. The plotter that I purchased back when I bought the software recently died. Outputting to a PDF file using Adobe® Acrobat® allows the local plotting service to print my drawings at a reasonable expense.
    Tom Duke - Huntington Beach, California

    I just started using the new Photoscapes™ 2.0 program. I’ve already sold a job worth $20,000.00 using it so far. The customer was so impressed, I’m going back to get more work from her right now.
    Bill Single - Lyman, Maine

    Excellent! Thanks for the quick response!
    Edward Ferguson - Columbus, Ohio

    You don't know how much I appriciate all that you are doing. All I can say is thank you for all your help.
    Kenneth Byrd - Greenville, Texas

    Thanks, you guys are GREAT!
    Don Blackwell - Auburn, Washington

    Thank you, your tech support solution worked. You guys rock!
    Mark Tufts - New Gloucester, Maine

    It has been over a decade that I have had the pleasure to work with you as a RainCAD™ software user. It is hard to believe that it was back in the early 90’s, as a small business owner, I first purchased RainCAD™ Suite.....    Click here to read the rest of this letter.
    Russ Prophit - Fort Myers, Florida

    I bought the RainCAD™ SX 8.0 DesignCAD right after I received my irrigation license and it was the best thing I've done to put me up with the professionals.
    John Burns - Midland, Texas

    I am loving this software. I am making a lot of money with it. I spent weeks trying to learn AutoCAD®. The learning curve on the RainCAD™ DesignCAD Edition was much, much less stressful. I learned the program one weekend and set my databases up the next weekend.
    Randy Jeffers - Destin, Florida

    Thank you all very much. I wish our technical support here at work was half as fast as ya’ll.
    Josh McLerran - Cedar Hill, Texas

    I’ve been using RainCAD™ for about ten years now. I don’t know how I’d live without it. It’s a great tool.
    John Hasenbank - Houston, Texas

    I’ve have been using Photoscapes™ for just about two months now. I created a couple of different designs for a potential customer. The owner said, “A picture is worth a thousand words, this is just what we’ve been looking for.” I sold a job worth about $20,000.00!
    Bill Single - Lyman, Maine

    I have used the software for 7+ years and love it.
    David Williams - Garner, North Carolina

    I have been using your software for a long time and this RainCAD™ SX 3.0 AutoCAD® Edition is no doubt the best program you have ever had.
    Michael Bardis - Fort Worth, Texas

    I really appreciate your thorough and prompt support. Your RainCAD™ software really does make irrigation design a lot less tedious.
    Todd Denlinger - Modesto, California

    By the way, thanks for the great support. I think you have an outstanding product here.
    Rhett Rathbone - Norman, Oklahoma

    Photoscapes™ has been a great tool in selling jobs – great product.
    Tommy Davis - Amarillo, Texas

    You guy have great service...
    Keith Ogles - Venice, Florida

    Oh and by the way, I thank you for your rapid responses. I was expecting the worse but seems you guys are really on top of things! THANK YOU!!!
    Barry Barkley - Perryton, Texas

    Thanks for the help yesterday. Given your excellent service over the years how could I expect anything else!!!!
    David Hinchliffe - Littlehampton, West Sussex, England

    You're there when I need it. Thanks for a great program.
    David Zegler, ASLA - San Diego, California

    "A new day has arrived and brings an exciting new, upgraded product. RainCAD™ X Series will take care of the mundane everyday irrigation chores and does it with ease." The previous statement is taken from an article titled RainCAD™ X Series appearing in the March 2004 issue of Landscape Architect and Specifier News magazine.
    Scott S. Weinberg, FASLA, Professor and Associate Dean - University of Georgia, College of Environment & Design

    Thanks guys, this was the solution indeed... I appreciate you putting so much effort into supporting me. It seems our investment in RainCAD™ was a good one.
    Ben Bammens - Alken, Belgium

    I Blair Lindsay, owner of BCL Home Irrigation, have recently purchased and started to use the RainCAD™ IX 8.0 DesignCAD Edition, and have to say I am totally impressed by it.
    Blair Lindsay - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

    The RainCAD™ X Series DesignCAD Edition is quite a product. I really like it.
    Bill Single - Lyman, Maine

    Thanks a lot for the support and help I have got from you guys. I really appreciate your quick response.
    Manoj Thapa - New Delhi, India

    I have enjoyed my RainCAD™ and I know that it is the best. It has impressed my customers over the years and being able to add Photoscapes™ will only enhance my business.
    Mike Rose - Yantis, Texas

    I’ve fooled around with three or four different programs and RainCAD™ has more features and is easier to use than any of the other programs I’ve tried.
    David Ellis - Lillian, Alabama

    Thank you for the quick reply. Thats great service!!
    Clyde Griffith - Waxahachie, Texas

    I truly enjoy using this software. It’s made me a lot of money this year. It’s rare that I loose a bid, and I never have the lowest price.
    Michael Wright - Georgetown, Texas

    Thanks again for your support. You guys are great.
    Jay Simmons - Charlotte, North Carolina
    December, 2003

    Thanks for everything.  You guys are pretty impressive on your customer service!
    Damon Keys - Lafayette, Georgia

    This program is dynamite! I really like it.
    Tim Ryan - Meridian, Idaho

    I just got this program on Saturday and started working on Sunday and I have almost finished my first landscape with only about 20 hours of effort. I am very impressed with RainCAD™ 8.0. It will save me enough time to pay for it within 4 or so bids with landscape designs. Rarely does any product live up to what I expect. This one has for sure.
    John Williams - Aurora, Colorado

    I love the RainCAD™ 8.0 DesignCAD Edition software. I’ve done two drawings already for architects and they are extremely impressed. This program is going to become even more of a profit center for me than the previous versions.
    Bret Berry - Tyler, Texas

    The automated head layout is awesome! I love it! It is so easy to use.
    Dennis McBride - Lawrence, Kansas

    We have been using RainCAD™ for almost 10 years now...Great product!!
    Bert Albisser - White Horse, Canada

    That was the ticket. Thank you very much for your help and quick response time. Everything is working good. You're awesome and enjoy the rest of the day!!
    Brad - Littleton, Colorado

    Thank you so much. My business has really picked up since I started using RainCAD™. I charge more than alot of other irrigators do, but because we are charging more we are able to install higher quality systems.
    Frank Trombatore - Houston, Texas

    Thanks for the quick response. This is why I use your program. You guys are the best.
    Steve Miles - Cortez, Colorado

    Thanks... you guys are amazing. Here it is FRIDAY night at 9:00 PM and I get a prompt reply/solution to a question. I am glad I made the decision to go with RainCAD™. Have never regreted it. Thanks again.
    John Gallagher - Cedar Hill, Texas

    Thank you so much for helping me.  I appreciate your service oriented approach to business.
    David Rocha - Houston, Texas

    I love it! I'm not good at it yet, but I love it! I've even got the bid portion up and working and matching the price of our spreadsheet method. Clearer drawing. Like the color flexibility on zone piping.
    Doug Saylor - Blanket, Texas

    I imported my first golf course from a DXF file created with my GPS system. RainCAD™ was so easy to learn and use, I was able to design the system in just a few weeks. My customer was tickled to death with the finished design. He could not believe how good it looked.
    Mike Cambron - Louisville, Kentucky

    This program is so awesome! I have never used a CAD program before, but this was so easy I was able to complete an irrigation design for a system worth 1.2 million dollars in my first two weeks of using the software.
    Richard Early - Birmingham, Alabama

    I can't believe how much progress you guys have made with RainCAD™, I've been using it since it was available on floppy disks. I've used AutoCAD® and Eagle Point and still think RainCAD™ is by far the best program available for irrigation design. It's not overly complicated and just does what we need it to do in a very user friendly way.
    John DeLutri - Deer Park, New York

    Thanks again so much for your expedient help! Much appreciated.
    Chad Cockrum - Hobe Sound, Florida

    I'm very happy with the program and the upgrades. Thank you very much for all of the support and for the hard work for the customers.
    José Giacoia Neto - São Lucas, Brazil

    Thanks allot for all your support. Great customer service.
    James MacMillan - Moyock, North Carolina

    Great job with the new version.
    Philip Hunte - St. John, Barbados, West Indies

    I'm loving it! It spits out everything I need to complete an installation.
    Tim Quinn - Tyler, Texas

    Love the new software. It does everything it says it will do and more. Already paid for the upgrade with an install job using it.
    Joe Ranzau - Boerne, Texas

    It’s a great software. Thanks for your concern about us, the metric users.
    Ricardo Farias - Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

    I just presented my first landscape design to a homeowner and I was $5,000.00 higher than my closest competitor. The lady said if my design is any indication of the work I perform, she has no problem paying an additional $5,000.00 more for my services. I’ve been dealing with landscape drawings for the past ten years and I have never had anyone whew over a drawing like this before.
    Todd Graham - Hockley, Texas

    I would like to applaud you on RainCAD™ version 7.5. The AutoCAD® compatibility is wonderful, and I find the new interface in sprinkler placement and zoning functions to be the best I have ever seen.
    Randy MacGregor - Rifle, Colorado

    I sold a job last night with a RainCAD™ design. The customer had talked to other contractors, but was unhappy because most bids had turf and beds tied together. She was very impressed being able to see a design that showed how beds and turf zones were laid out seperately. On my support issue, thanks for getting back to me so quick. I appreciate your super response time.
    Michael Sjogren - Oak Point, Texas

    We designed a light commercial project with about 50 rotors from a water 2" source. It took us 106 minutes total with your competitors software, and 83 minutes with RainCAD™. This is a time savings of 22%. For us anyway, RainCAD™ is the best we know and we have tested 4 different software programs.
    Guy Gauthier - Cap-Rouge, Quebec, Canada

    Thank you for your quick responce to my technical question. Normally I can work these things out by myself, but I was in a big hurry this time!! Again, mahalo.
    George Broderson - Kailua Kona, Hawaii

    By the way, I am very happy with the upgrade. This is a fantastic program.
    Tracy Shields - Windsor, Colorado

    As you know, I have been a RainCAD™ user for more than seven years. I have tried other design programs, but I have not been able to find one better than RainCAD™. The AutoCAD® import and export functions in version 7.5 work seamlessly for me. Your implementing some of the features I requested shows me that you are willing to listen to your customers and are truly committed to making the best design program in the Green Industry. I feel you have the most advanced and the easiest to operate program on the market.
    Russ Prophit - Tampa, Florida