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The tutorial videos are divided up into the categories below to assist users in getting up and running as quickly as possible with Pro Contractor Studio™.
Getting Started
Are you new to Pro Contractor Studio™? If so, these video tutorials are exactly what you need to get up and running as quickly as possible. You will learn how to begin setting up the drawing page and how to maneuver around the software and design screen. You will learn how to use the Layer Manager to set up line styles, colors and more.
The Basics
In these lessons you will begin learning different drafting commands, snap commands, how to set points on the design screen in relationship to other points and more. These are valuable lessons to assist in the creation of your base map or plot plan.
Editing Tools
These tools will allow you to edit existing entities or equipment on the design screen. Learn how to move, rotate and scale objects. Learn even more on how to cut, copy and paste objects as well as break lines, combine lines, and trim lines.  You will also learn how to offset lines or curves at any distance and how to array objects in a rectangular pattern, circular pattern, or along an existing path.
Drawing the Plot Plan
Now the fun begins! In these lessons you will learn how to draft a property from measurements taken in the field. You can apply the lessons learned here to draft almost any residential property in a matter of minutes.
Irrigation Design
In these lessons you will learn detailed information on how to create an irrigation design. You will learn the different methods of sprinkler placement, water sources, zoning, piping, pipe sizing and more.
Irricalc Water Management
In these lessons you will learn how to calculate a watering schedule based on monthly historical ETo values using the tools available in Irricalc™.
Landscape Design
In these lessons you will learn how to assign symbols and colors to represent plant material on the design. You will learn the different methods of plant placement, as well as how to place shadows, quantity labels and more.
Accent Lighting Design
In these lessons you will learn how to create an accent lighting design. You will learn how to place fixture and transformer symbols, as well as how to size wire and calculate voltage drop.
Dressing Up the Drawing
Learn how to complete a design for a more professional presentation to the customer which will assist you in closing more of your sales calls. Add text, miscellaneous symbols, valve notations, installation details, title blocks and more. You will also learn how to create a symbol legend, and for Texas designers, you will learn to permanently make changes to the Licensed Irrigator seal and place it on the design screen.
No longer do you need to get out your calculator to determine hydraulics or count equipment from a drawing. The software will do it for you! Learn how to instantly perform hydraulic calculations on the entire drawing or to create a material list or estimate.
Even More Stuff to Learn
Learn more on updating the databases, setting equipment costs, building tied assemblies and more. Most importantly, learn the simple steps required to print your drawing for the customer.
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