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  • Before downloading and installing the Pro Contractor Studio software, we recommend that you temporarily disable the Windows User Account Control (UAC). Please click here to view a help topic with information on disabling the Windows UAC.
    STEP 1: Download the Program
    To download the Pro Contractor Studio™ installation program:
    1. Click on the Download button below with the mouse.
    2. Select Save Target As... or Save in the resulting dialog box and click on the Save or OK button.
    3. Place the file in the appropriate directory on your hard drive. For example; you may want to place the file in your My Documents folder such as c:\My Documents.
    Installation Program:  
    File Size:  29.9 MB
    If you are in need of any assistance while installing or using Pro Contractor Studio™, please feel free to submit a helpdesk ticket and our support staff will be happy to assist you.
    STEP 2: Install the Program
    Once the installation file is on your hard drive you will need to run it or execute it to install the software. To run the installation program, follow the directions below for your version of Microsoft® Windows. Please make sure that you do not have any other applications open during the installation including Microsoft® Outlook or any anti-virus software.

    The installation program will need to be run with administrator privileges.
    1. Using Windows File Explorer, change to the folder or location where you saved the installation program in Step 1 above such as c:\My Documents.
    2. Place the mouse cursor on top of the file name and press the right mouse button.
    3. Choose Run as administrator from the resulting pop-up menu to begin the installation.
    STEP 3: Start the Software
    1. Start the Pro Contractor Studio software by double clicking on the desktop icon or by selecting Pro Contactor Studio from the Windows Start button under All Programs.
    2. When the software opens the PCS Subscription box will appear displaying the computer's Machine ID number.
    STEP 4: Purchase a Subscription or Run in a Trial Mode
    1. Click on the Login to Your PCS Account button.
    2. On the resulting web page, new users will create a new User ID and Password and click on the Create New Account button.
    3. Follow the instructions to enter your account information, register your computer's Machine ID number, and purchase a subscription key.
    TO RUN THE SOFTWARE IN A TRIAL MODE:  The software will run in a trial mode indefinitely, but it will not print or save drawings.
    1. Click on the Close button to exit the PCS Subscription box.
    2. Click on either File > Startup Screen or File > New to begin a drawing.