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    Pro Contractor Studio™
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   The Pro Contractor Studio™ Software

  • Full Stand Alone Design Program
    Pro Contractor Studio™ is stand-alone design program that does not require any other CAD software to operate. The software is easy to use yet robust in its capabilities. Pro Contractor Studio™ installs directly onto your computer and does not require an Internet connection to operate. The intended use of the program is for any size residential project to medium size commercial drawings.
  • Easy to Use
    With Pro Contractor Studio's easy to use drafting features you can be designing within minutes. Users can draft a property using the commands in the software, or import a scanned image of a plot plan and begin the design.
  • WYSIWYG Interface
    The drawing screen is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface that shows the designer exactly what they will see when printing/plotting. Symbol sizes, colors, line types and scales all appear on the screen exactly as they will when output to a sheet of paper.
  • Online Learning Center
    The Online Learning Center includes a host of video tutorials to get users up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Free Technical Support
    Free technical support is available through the Online Helpdesk system.

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   Irrigation, Landscape, Accent Lighting & Drainage Design

  • Powerful Irrigation Design
    The irrigation design features of Pro Contractor Studio™ are based on the powerful and proven RainCAD™ technology providing sprinkler placement, sprinkler distribution analysis, automatic pipe sizing, hydraulic calculations, material takeoffs, estimates of installation costs and more.

       Click here for more details on irrigation design features...

  • Complete Landscape Design
    The landscape design features allow for the creation of beautifully colored drawings sure to help increase your sales closure rate. Commands include plant placement, a symbol trim command to combine overlapping symbols into one single symbol, shadow placement, quantity labels, area and volume calculations, complete symbol legend, material takeoff and more.

       Click here for more details on landscape design features...

  • Accent Lighting Design
    The lighting design features allow for the creation of accurate accent lighting designs. Commands include fixture and transformer placement, wire and wire hops, total wattage and voltage drop calculations, complete symbol legend, material takeoff and more.

       Click here for more details on accent lighting design features...

  • Drainage Design
    The drainage design features allow for the easy creation of drainage designs. Commands include catch basin placement, linear drain placement, drainage pipe, runoff calculations, complete symbol legend, material takeoff and more.

       Click here for more details on drainage design features...
   Subscriptions or Full License Purchases

  • 30-days or 365-days
    Subscriptions are available for as little as 30 days at a time, or up to a full year at 365 days. When the subscription runs out, the software will no longer save or print any work. If there are no designs to create, simply do not re-subscribe.
  • No Contracts - Pay as You Go
    No contract is required, you simply pay as you go! This will allow you to create quality CAD drawings with a minimum financial investment.
  • No Automatic Renewals
    You renew your subscription as the software is needed. When design work is required, renew your subscription and you are back up and running with full save and print capabilities.

  • Installs Directly on Your Computer
    Pro Contractor Studio™ installs directly onto your computer.
  • No Internet Access Required to Operate the Software
    Pro Contractor Studio™ installs directly onto your computer and does not require an Internet connection to operate. An Internet connection is required to purchase a subscription key.
  • Drawings Saved on Your Machine
    All drawings are saved on your computer. When your subscription expires, no drawings or data are removed from the computer. Once you renew your subscription you are back up and operating as normal.
   Demonstration Videos

Drawing the House

Adding Property Lines

Patios, Sidewalk and Driveway

Drawing Bedlines

Irrigation Design
   Look What Users Have to Say

I started using Pro Contractor Studio™ software in early 2009. I have no previous CAD experience so I attended a couple of training classes to get the fundamentals. We currently have 3 licensed irrigators using Pro Contractor Studio™ every day. The software has made complying with the new TCEQ rules easy. All of the water districts & cities we work with like the appearance, accuracy and detail that our plans now include. Customers are impressed with the drawings & details, our crews have a easier time installing systems and as-builts are easier to prepare and look more professional. I have to admit that I was skeptical of learning CAD software while running a business, but have been impressed with the training classes, on-going support, updates to software and most importantly the ease at which the irrigation and landscape software is to operate.
Dean Morin - The Grass Patch, Inc. - Leander, Texas
The Pro Contractor Studio™ program is second to none. It is an elite design program. The designs are very professional and it makes the installation of sprinkler systems much easier. You can customize the program to your specific needs. The sprinkler design is easy to learn and is very user friendly. The landscape design portion is awesome. And with more and more cities adopting the new TCEQ rules in Texas, this program is a "must have".
Damian Longo - Lawns Ltd. - Waco, Texas
I just called to tell you how great the Pro Contractor Studio™ program is. I sat in a Starbuck’s and designed a ten zone irrigation system while handling business on the phone. It took me just over an hour to complete the design. You have hit a home run with this program. I have never been able to create a design with pipe sizing, hydraulic calculations, a symbol legend and a detail page in such a short period of time. The only way it can get easier than this is if someone else does it for you.
Tony Rizo - Organic Options, Inc. - Fort Worth, Texas
I designed an irrigation plan with Pro Contractor Studio™ the first day I opened it. The design went through plan review in Dallas and was approved. I love the software! I am comfortable presenting a design to the city for approval based on the new rules for irrigation in Texas and the stringent reviews in the Dallas area. The inspectors do not have to do hydraulic calculations, question the legend, nor hunt for zones that are clearly marked and colored. Good designs and good looking designs are bound to speed up the review process. This should put dollars in a contractor's pocket.
Bob Pickering - RPickering Design Service - Dallas, Texas
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