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Profitability Matrix
  • In today's market, to be more profitable you must be able to differentiate your company from your competition. By doing so, you will be able to win more bids and increase your profit.

    Prospective customers place a high value on knowing what they are paying for. They seldom have anything to base their buying decision on other than price. By offering a CAD design and a professional proposal, you can provide the customer with the ability to make the correct buying decision.

    Research indicates that on the average, users of RainCAD™ charge 16.7 percent more per residential irrigation installation based on the additional perceived value provided to their customers. In addition, these same users have been able to increase their annual business by 55%.

    Shouldn't you be making use of RainCAD™ to increase your profit as well?
      Profitability Matrix
    Average Price Per Residential Irrigation Installation $2,366
    Average Increase in Price Per Residential Installation (Increases May Vary) x 16.7% *
    Additional Profit Per Job from Increased Rates $395
    New Average Price Per Residential Irrigation Installation $2,761
    Average Number of Residential Installations Per Year 40
    Average Increase in Business Per Year (Increases May Vary) x 55% *
    Additional Residential Installation Jobs Per Year 22
    Income from Additional Jobs ($2,761 x 22) $60,742
    Additional Profits on the 40 Original Jobs ($395 x 40) $15,800
    Total Additional Potential Income Per Year $76,542
    *The average increase in the price per residential installation job and increase in business are based on a survey conducted by Software Republic, L.L.P.
    Your business may vary from these averages.