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  Instructor Email/Web Site Location Phone Number
Doug Goodwin irrigationserv1830@sbcglobal.net Magnolia (Houston), TX (281) 728-0267

Online Training Available - Call or email for details.
  TCEQ Approved
2 Students per Class
Texas A&M University clswanson@ag.tamu.edu College Station, TX (979) 845-5614
School of Irrigation http://irrigation.tamu.edu/ TCEQ Approved
(Charles Swanson)      
Jerry Lewis sundanc@flash.net Keller (Dallas), TX (817) 431-6411
  www.irrigationtraining.com   TCEQ Approved
Brandon Dyche Brandon@csdhouston.com Houston, TX (866) 470-2320 Toll Free
  www.csdhouston.com   (832) 526-9677 Mobile
Greg Sinclair ruralgee@ruralandturf.com.au Geelong, West Victoria
61 3 52294147
Pustovetov Alexey APustovetov@engineer77.ru Russia тел. 8-495-409-36-06
ООО "ИНЖЕНЕР" www.engineer77.ru моб. 8-926-895-85-14
Jose Giacoia Neto giacoia@attglobal.net Uberlandia - Minas Gerais State - Brazil 55-34-3212-8484
The trainers listed above are not employees of Software Republic. Software Republic is not responsible for the scheduling, content or cost of training programs provided by these instructors. If you would like to become a trainer, or would like to list an available training class, please leave us a message at sales@raincad.com.
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